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Welcome to the American Horrorverse.....a compendium of original stories and new characters connected to the American Horror Story universe.


Here you will find concepts fleshed out with plot lines and characters; discussion blogs about the context and movie influences; and finally, full stories that follow a script-like structure emulating an AHS season.

Please take a look around...


Hello, my name is Jay. There is nothing really to tell, except that I love my privacy, and that's why I prefer to remain anonymous and just make this all about the writing. One thing about me, is that I am a huge fan of the horror genre and the AHS series. Not content with waiting for the next season, I started fooling around with concepts in late 2016 which grew and grew. Basically, that is how this whole project was born.

Read about how it all started in my introductory blog post "Welcome to the Horrorverse".


This site is fan-made, it has no connection to the FX series American Horror Story - please read the Disclaimer.


Basically, I have just taken the AHS anthology concept and created new characters and storylines, then connected them to the existing AHS universe. Most of the characters are fictional and my invention, there are references to the AHS original characters and one or two of them even make an appearance.  For a full list of AHS characters and places I borrowed refer to "characters" on the Disclaimer page.  


This is purely a passion project because I love the world of American Horror Story and I love to write. I want to improve on my writing skills and work at plot development and characterisation - so this site is like a testing ground for audience engagement.

So either rate me or roast me by engaging in the blog posts and comments, and connecting to my Wattpad site and Instagram. To help me with my inspiration and provide some guidelines to write within, I have set up a 12-step-process that I have to follow. Read about it here.

There is nothing original about any of the ideas, tropes and characters I have used as they are heavily influenced by film and television, people from real life, and urban legends. What is original is the way they have been re-imagined and reinterpreted. I explain this process in the blog posts, so each concept has a companion post.


There are three aspects to this site to be read in the following order;


1. Concepts

Explore the plot outlines and characters for each concept.

2. Blog

Follow my writing journey and read about the inspiration behind the concepts.

3. Stories

Read the season-length concepts as I write them. I have been posting Ritual to Wattpad, but have now decided to upload the scenes as separate blog posts so I have everything on the one platform.


I will be updating the blog and Wattpad chapters regularly, so follow my Instagram and blog for updates. Please make sure you read "Rules of the Blog" before engaging.

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