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American horror story


This concept is based on 1970's Hollywood Babylon, a time when America had a fascination for the occult. A sinister Hollywood producer clashes violently with a charismatic young misfit who wants to purge Hollywood of its' sin. This is a town where people will do anything to get famous, even sell their soul to the devil.

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Julian mcMahon

1. Julian McMahan.png

as Damien Sinclair

A Hollywood powerbroker based on producer Robert Evans and occultist Michael Aquino. He is founder of the Temple of Thoth, a secret society that practices black magic in order to gain wealth and power.  He is powerful, debonair, enigmatic - and an extremely dangerous man.  The Sinclair mansion is host to swish parties where most of Hollywood's rich and famous are so drugged up they are oblivious to the covert satanic rituals going on in the basement - that some of them may have unwittingly participated in.

lady gaga

Lady gaga.png

as lilith levay

A famed performance artist, designer and sometime leading lady in avant-garde director, Marvin Tork's films.  As the High Priestess in the Temple of Thoth, she is also Damien Sinclair's right hand. She believes she is the reincarnation of Scathach, a 17th century witch.  She is exotic, eccentric and openly proclaims herself a witch having written books on the topic.  She has a run-in with Celia Grey at a book fair over their differing views.


4. Lily rabe.png

as Cathy Milton

Former child-star, famed actress, America's sweetheat, and beloved younger sister of Veronica Sinclair, Cathy is like a young Kim Richards turned Patty Hearst character. She is taken hostage by the Children of the Prophet, but falls under Isaiah's spell.  He re-names her Salome and makes her the poster girl for his cause of "purging the filth" from Hollywood.


1 Angela Bassett.png

as detective rONI DUPREE

Pam Greer type character who is a detective with the LAPD. She is a dangerous maverick that is grudgingly respected by her peers because of her superior crime-solving intelect. Secretive and surly, she is allocated the jobs that no one else on the force will touch. She is investigating a series of strange suicides and missing persons which she believes are not random, but targeted, and connected to some high profile people.


1 Vera Farmiga.png


A beautiful, highly acclaimed actress married to director Rory McLoughlin.  She is finally pregnant with her first child after trying for so many years,   She experiences severe headaches and terrifying nightmares after attending a party at the Sinclairs and claims she was drugged.  She later becomes a target of the Children of the Prophet in a violent rampage and is killed.


1K Finn Wittrock.png


A sensitive James Dean/Jan Michael Vincent type.  Touted as the greatest actor of his generation, he is prone to bouts of depression and nervous anxiety, and struggles with his fame. He also wrestles with his sexual identity. Once highly in demand, he has fallen out of favour with producers due to his erratic nature.  He falls under the influnece of the enigmatic Isaiah who is using Ric's mansion as the base for his cult.


1 Dennis OHare.png


A manic cross between Kenneth Anger and Kim Fowley. He is renowned for directing films with controversial and erotic content.  His big ideas are often fuelled by his drug habit, and he has difficulty in getting his films financed.  He grooms young women for Damien Sinclair's rituals in exchange for help in furthering is aspirations - and keeping Dulcie Brown off his back.

chaz bono

chaz bono.png

as officer mike maguire

A straight-laced cop, family man and all round good-guy caught up in the missing persons cases. He is one of the few remaining cops in the LAPD not on Dulcie Brown's payroll. He slowly becomes unhinged after his daughter gets corrupted by Hollywood sleaze. An underdog that becomes an alpha, Mike unleashes his rage on the establishment.


2. Sarah Paulson.png


The wife of Damien Sinclair, she is a Berverley Hills heiress, socialite and former child actress. She is a cross between Sharon Stone's character Ginger McKenna in Casino and Faye Dunnaway in Mommie Dearest. She is jaded, histrionic and vicious.  Starving for the attendtion of her husband she amuses herself by being especially cruel to her staff and her daughter Debbie, who she feels she has to compete with for her husband's affection.  The only other person she truly cares about is her younger sister Cathy.

evan peters

4 Evan Peters.png

as isaiah holmes

The Sinclair's former staff and an aspiring actor with big plans. Isaiah is in awe of Damien's power and influence, which appeals to his sociopathic nature.  He then decides to create his own version and forms the Children of the Prophet, modelling himself on John the Baptist.  After a traumatic encouter with a producer, and being rejected by the rich and famous set - he goes on a violent, murderous rampage trying to purge Hollywood of its' sin.

emma roberts

3. Emma Roberts.png

as debbie sinclair

A lonely, isolated teen who has her first kiss with Isaiah when he was in the Sincalir's employ.  Debbie goes to Celia Grey to deal with her nightmares and the horific treatment by her parents.  She becomes pregnant but has no recollection of having sex.  Suspicious of her parents activities, she mistakenly confides in Selwyn Jones, her ancient history college professor.

francis conroy

Francis Conroy.png

as mirium whittle

A scatterbrained Jean Dixon type psychic and astrologer to the stars who prophesises the rise of the Antichrist.  Expelled from from Miss Robichaux's Acadamy as a young person because of her Catholic faith and having no other powers apart from sporadic visions, she alerts a grateful Marie Laveau about a plot by the Academy supreme.  When her life is threatened by Lilith Levay, Mirium calls in the favour promised years ago by the Voodoo Queen.


1 Dylan McDermott.png


An Oscar-winning director and film-maker who Damien Sinclair gave a leg-up to earlier on in his career.  Rory is grateful, and asking how can he ever repay Damien who jokingly says he wants his first born son. Rory is convinced the Sinclair's are behind his wife's death, but Damien Sinclair becomes enraged when he finds out about Lydia Stone's murder and a war with Isaiah ensues.


1 danny huston.png


A Jerry Brown type character with aspirations to be Governor of California.  He is embarrassed by his estranged film star son Ric, who he thinks is damaging to his political career. Ric was traumatised as a child after witnessing his father's many peculiar indiscretions. Michael has an affair with Lilith, and like the witches in Macbeth, she encourages him to do what ever it takes to further his political goals.


1 billie lourde.png


A popular young starlet who was an unwilling participant in one of the Temple of Thoth's rituals. Whilst seeking refuge at her friend Ric Richard's mansion, she encounters Isaiah who claims to be able to purge her of her demonic dreams and cure her nymphomania if she sleeps with him, thereby purifying her spirit.  She becomes the first of Isaiah's wives.


1 matt bomer.png


A cold as ice FBI agent called in to investigate the disappearences of young women - which also happens to be a covert cover-up unbeknown to his rookie partner. Agent Anders is known as "The Cleaner", but his ability to make problems disappear for his superiors is in jeopardy when he becomes transformed by a ritual at the Temple of Thoth.


Cathy Bates.png


A prominent psychologist and vocal feminist who has written books on the topic of multiple personality disorders and mass hysteria.  Her former colleagues think that she has sold out as she is now "shrink to the stars".  She believes the number of strange suicides around the area are related to mass hysteria. She has become alarmed at the number of young women presenting themselves under hypnosis with what appears to be multiple personality disorder and severe trauma, and all claiming to have seen the devil.

gabourEy sibide

1 gabourey sibide.png

as dulcie brown

A ruthless, blood-thirsty Jamaican crime-boss modelled on a young Griselda da Blanco.  She once bathed in the blood of her enemies believing it made her untouchable.  Dulcie is the cocaine queen of LA -she supplies the Beverley Hills set with party drugs and has most of the town officials in her pocket. Often she may procure more exotic substances for Damien Sinclair for his rituals such as trance inducing drugs or powerful toxins.


1 Cheyenne Jackson.png


Known as the "Porn King of LA" he is a cross between Al Goldstein and Studio 54 founder Steve Rubell. He is a neurotic, germophobic Jew that surrounds himself with a posse of female bodyguards. His devoutness to Judaism is in stark contrast to his business interests which include snuff films. He has just procured a very interesting film reel which Damien Sinclair is keen to get back.


1 Leslie Jordan.png


Like Professor Jan Assman, Selwyn Jones is an Egyptologist.  He walks with crutches as a result of  childhood polio.  He is a college lecturer at UCLA and consultant on Marvin Tork's latest movie.  He's a brilliant antiquities expert, but he is also a greedy opportunist.  Damien Sinclair promises him his legs will be healed if he procures the Eye of Thoth, a valuable occult relic, but when Selwyn double crosses him Damien gives him goat legs instead.


1 wes bentley.png


A young, idealistic Catholic priest who reluctantly takes up performing exorcisms after his superior loses his mind.  He comes to see Celia Grey about a young woman at his parish, who is also her client, and claims she is possessed.  Celia is sceptical until a series of strange events convinces her otherwise.  Lilith seduces him and he is tormented by pseudo-erotic-religious dreams of her.


1 mare winningham.png


A brassy, smart-mouthed agent based on 70's super agent Sue Mengers. She gives Ric Richards some tough love by quitting his employ and urging him to see Celia Grey.  She makes an enemy of Isaiah when she kicks the Children of the Prophet out of Ric's mansion. Fiercly protective of her clients, she openly challenges Damien and insists on sticking her nose into places where it doesn't belong. 


1 taissa farmiga.png


A tough, street-wise runaway and drug addict who finds herself being groomed by Marvin Tork.  She is near death from an overdose when Isaiah finds her and claims to have resurected her soul.  She becomes the second of Isaiah's wives.  Along with Kiki, she becomes jealous of Isaiah's new found interest in Cathy/Salome and together they plot to be rid of her.


1 adina porter.png


Based on Sylia Mathis the first black female in the FBI and bond girl Gloria Hendry as Rosie in Live and Let Die. She is nervy, eager and headstrong. She desparately wants to prove herself and goes in places where she shouldn't. When her FBI partner leaves her for dead she teams up with Roni Dupree who reluctantly allows her to ride along.

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