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This website has no connection to, nor has it been sanctioned by either FX Networks or the creators of the anthology series American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck.  

This website is not monetised, neither has any form of advertising, sponsorship or endorsement been accepted in the past or for the future. It is solely for entertainment purposes.

I reserve the right to remain anonymous and only use a pseudonym for the purpose of identifying my written work. I am an amateur writer and do not own any other published work apart from this website and associated stories on Wattpad. 

The concepts and stories on this website are of my own creation, and it is not purported or believed to be part of American Horror Story's story canon. Any similarity to concepts for American Horror Story future seasons is purely accidental.

The American Horror Story universe and associated characters are the creations of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck, I do not claim ownership but am merely borrowing them as a source of inspiration and as context for my own works. 

A full list of American Horror Story original characters referred to in my works is listed here.


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