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list of characters

marie leveau

marie lev_edited_edited.jpg

Marie Leveau is an immortal voodoo Queen, played by Angela Bassett. The character is based on a historical New Orleans figure. Marie Leveau appeared in AHS Season 4, Coven and episode 10, Season 8 Apocalypse.

She comes back in Ritual to assist Miriam Whittle.



Pepper is a microencephalic with a child-like comprehension, she is portrayed by Naomi Grossman.  She first appeared in AHS Asylum when an encounter with aliens increased her intelligence.  In Freak Show, we learned of her life before Briarcliffe.

She appears in Facility and recovers from her pulmonary fibrosis.

Dr ARthur arden

Dr arden.png

Dr Arden was the unscrupulous Nazi doctor in AHS Asylum that experimented on the residents of Briarcliffe. He was played by James Cromwell.

Although he does not make an appearance, he is referred to a lot to in Facility, where some of his notes come into the possession of Commander Burchill.



Scathach is 17th Century witch played by Lady Gaga and appears in AHS season 6, Roanoke.

Scathach does not appear in any of my concepts, however she is referred to by Lilith Levay in Ritual and by the gypsies in Lake House.


dandy mott.png

Dandy Mott is the sociopathic, spoiled, man-child in AHS season 4 Freak Show and is played by Finn Wittrock.

Although Dandy Mott is not referenced directly, his father Charles Edward Mott, has been created as a new character in Lake House

Young Ethel 

young ethel.png

Ethel Darling was the vaudeville performer and bearded lady in AHS Freak Show, played by Kathy Bates as the older Ethel.  Young Ethel is played by Kathy Dietch and appears in flashback when the older Ethel tells Edward Mordrake her secret shame.

Young Ethel appears in Lake House at an illegal sideshow.

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