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This is an interactive project.  I need your feedback to improve. All opinions will be welcome and respected as long as you follow some ground rules. 


  • Please respect the actors that I write about, they may not be your favourites or particular choices, but I've chosen them to fit into my concept. 

  • Know the difference between critiquing and criticism. When you say "that actor is shit" it's offensive without providing any explanation. On the other hand if you say, "I don't really like that actor, I find their style a bit wooden", it's a critique.

  • Please refrain from suggesting any storylines or concepts and request that I write about them.  That defeats the purpose of the whole exercise - I need to come up with this stuff myself. If there is something you are passionate about, there is nothing stopping you from penning your own.

  • Anything that is deemed racist, prejudiced, political, sexist, homo or trans-phobic will not be tolerated and result in your post being blocked.

  • Similarly, any abuse or trolling on the discussion will not be tolerated either.

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